Streaming+ User Guide

What is Streaming+?

This is a streaming service with paid tickets provided by eplus.
We are planning to livestream not only concerts, but also a variety of contents such as theater, talk shows, art exhibitions, etc.

Customers living abroad can purchase a ticket from
An email with a streaming URL will be sent to you after your purchase is confirmed.

How To Purchase Tickets


Check your viewing environment

Check and see if your device and internet connection can make you watch the preview video smoothly.

How To Purchase Tickets

How to purchase a ticket

Tickets are available on eplus English website.

How To Purchase Tickets
  • Streaming service may not be available depending on your country, region, time zone, etc.
    Make sure you can watch the test video with no problem BEFORE purchase.
  • Set up your email in advance and make sure you can receive emails from eplus(

How To Watch

Please take your time to access the URL in advance before the show starts.

Use your preferred device to watch the live stream.

A device other than the one you used to purchase the ticket is also ok.

  • An email with a streaming URL will be sent to you after your payment is confirmed.
  • A reminder email will be sent to you one day before the event day.

Login from URL on Confirmation Email


Please refer to this guide to get your streaming URL in "My Orders" page

Track my order

The show starts from starting time


About Archive Streams

What is archive streams?

After the live stream ended, you can watch the recorded contents as archives.

Streaming+ allows you to watch the archives
as many times as you want
within the viewing period!

Those who watched the live streams can also watch again using the same URL!

  • Please take a note that some events may have no archives or the viewing period is short. Check before you purchase a ticket.

Operation Verification

A preview video helps to check your audio-visual environment. Please watch it with your preferred device and internet connection.

Recommended System Requirements

Please use the recommended system requirements only and make sure all your devices are working normally.
Eplus is not responsible for any issues caused by your devices.

iOS 11.0 or later ( Safari latest version) / Android OS 5.0 or later (Google Chrome latest version)
Windows 10 or later / Mac OS 10.9 or later (Latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, MS Edge,or Firefox)
TV Connection:
We cannot guarantee the video be outputted to a TV screen at present.
About Cookies:
In order to use all the functions of eplus website and Streaming+, please enable the cookie settings of your browser when applying or viewing. You may not be able to use the functions normally with a private browser.
Communication Environment:
A fast and stable internet connection is required to watch the live stream.
Be sure to check in advance whether it is out of service area or where the signal is weak and whether there is packet remaining capacity.
If you are using shared Wi-Fi, make sure that you turn off Wi-Fi on the unused terminals and do not place obstacles between them.
Also, avoid areas that are crowded or surrounded by concrete.

The distributor and eplus do not take any responsibility for the viewing troubles caused by customer.