Streaming+ User Guide



Can I use my device to watch the live stream?
Please check the preview video to see how the video looks depending on th internet speed.
(Because it is a sample video, it may differ from the actual streaming depending on the event content and customer's communication situation.)
What is the recommended internet connection speed?
Please use a high-speed internet connection of 5 Mbps or more (the speed is continuously recommended and depends on the video resolution.)
You can check your internet speed on (provided by Netflix).
Can I output the video to a TV screen?
We cannot guarantee the video be outputted to a TV screen at present.


Until when can I buy a ticket?
It depends on the event. You may be able to purchase a ticket even after the live stream starts for some events.
Kindly check the details in advance.
Is there a limited number of tickets?
The number of tickets is limited. Please understand that ticket sales may be suspended at the time they reach the planned number even during the sales period.


Is it possible to watch the streaming with a device that was not used to purchase a ticket?
Yes. Please access the URL sent by email or on “My Orders” page to watch the streaming.
What if I start to watch the streaming from the middle?
In the case of live stream(live broadcasting), it will start when the scheduled time arrives.
If you watch from the middle, it will be a live from that point and can not be rewound.
Is the streaming available only once?
If the event is archived after the live streaming, you will be able to re-watch it anytime you want during the duration of the streaming period, and the archived program can be rewound and fast forwarded.
(Archived program will be unavailable due to system maintenance on the first and the third Thursday from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. JST.)
I didn’t receive an email with a streaming URL.
Please set up your email to make sure you can receive emails from the eplus (
Also, please check the junk mail or promotion folder, as it may be sorted out as a spam mail.
If you cannot find the email, please contact us from
Do I need to install apps to watch?
It can be watched on browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, MS Edge and Firefox.
It cannot be watched from the app.
I can't hear the sound of the live stream.
Depending on the browser you use, it may be muted during playback.
Please click to release the mute button.
Also, make sure that the volume setting on your device is not muted.
What happens if the communication is cut off due to bad internet connection while watching?
Please hold on until the connection becomes stable and start loading the contents.
In addition, the distributor and eplus do not take any responsibility for the viewing troubles caused by customer.
Can I watch the live stream with multiple devices at the same time?
You cannot watch the live stream with multiple devices at the same time, but you can switch the device in the middle of the streaming.
Can I record videos and audio or filming the streaming?
Our service is available only in streaming format.
All the contents(including audio) are protected by copyright.
Commercial use as well as private use such as filming, recording and advertising of distributed video are prohibited.
Please enjoy with good manners.


Where can I watch the archive?
You can watch it from the same URL as live stream.
Can I watch the archive even if I watched the live stream?
How many times can I watch the archive?
You can watch as many times as you want within the viewing period.
I can't watch it at the time of live stream, but can I purchase/watch it only by archive?
How can I know if the event has an archive or not?
Please check on the description page.
The archive stream does not start with still image.
If the live stream starts later than the scheduled start time, still images may continue until the show starts.
You can fast forward to the point where the show starts.
Can I join/view the chat in an archive stream?
Chat is only available during live streams. You cannot send or view the comments in an archive stream.


Can I give tips online?
We're sorry but we do not have that system right now.
Is it okay to change the smartphone model after purchasing the ticket?
There is no problem if you change the model.
Can I cancel if I can't watch on the day?
We cannot accept any changes or cancellation after the purchase is confirmed.

If you have any other questions, please contact us from the inquiry page.