Dragalia Lost

In game Gift for all applicants
Anniversary event ticket lottery application

[1] Dragalia Lost In-game item Gift for all applicants

  • -DAOKO Original Wrymprint “Owaranai Sekaide”
  • -Set of Upgrade Essentials (Sunlight Stone x1, Gold Crystals / Succulent Dragonfruit / Consecrated Water / Gold Whetstones x100)

Application time extended!
The due date for the application of the in-game item Gift for all applicants has been extended until 23:59, November 22 (JST).
Please note that the application time for the anniversary event will close at 23:59, October 31 (JST).

Time of distribution
[1]Applied until 23:59, October 31 (JST): Distributed sometime until November 13.
[2]Applied between 00:00, November 1 and 23:59, November 22 (JST): Distributed sometime until December 3.
It will be sent to Goodie Box on the Home screen in the game by the Dragalia Lost Operation Team.

[2] Application for lottery of the ticket of the anniversary event “DRAGALIALOST Celebration Party!”

  • -For each serial number enclosed in the CD "DAOKO x Dragalia Lost", you can apply for only [1], or both [1] and [2]. Please select in the form during the application process.
  • -If you purchase multiple CDs, you can apply for each enclosed serial code. However, the selection of [2] is limited to one for each Dragalia Lost Player ID. [1] will be given as many as you apply.

Dragalia Lost
In-game item gift for all applicants
Anniversary event ticket lottery application

Notes on gifts for all applicants
-Dragalia Lost In-Game Item DAOKO Original Wrymprint “Owaranai Sekaide” and Set of Upgrade Essentials is a gift for all applicants.
After the end of the application period, it will be sent to Goodie Box on the Home screen in the game by the Dragalia Lost Operation Team. -When sending gifts, we will provide the organizer with personal information that we receive from you.

■ Enter your email address in "Email".
■ Enter your full name in "Full name".
■ Enter your Dragalia Lost Player ID (11 digits) in "Order ID".
■ If you want to participate in the anniversary event([2]), please enter Jan 08, 2020 in "Event name".
If you only want the in-game item gift, please leave it blank.
■ Enter the serial number (7 digits) enclosed in the CD. in “Contents of inquiry”

Notes on event and ticket application:
Anniversary event “DRAGALIALOST Celebration Party!”
Organizer: Dragalia Lost / Cooperation: Cymusic Co., Ltd., Toys Factory Co., Ltd.
Location: Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
Date and time: January 8, 2020 (Wednesday) OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00 (Scheduled to end at 21:00)(JST)
Capacity: 800 people
Admission: Free
Guest: DAOKO / TAKU INOUE / others

* Event participants will be chosen using a lottery system. If you are being chosen, You will receive an email about the result on Saturday, November 9th (JST).
* We will not answer any inquiry about the lottery method and lottery results.
* Event details and performers may be changed, and the event may be canceled without prior notice.
* Please note that, photos and videos will be taken by the organizer and media for TV / newspapers / magazines / websites during the event.
* For those win the lottery for the event will receive the ticket at the venue on the day of the event. Details will be announced in late December.
To receive the tickets, you will need your identification document with photo such as your passport.
* If you have multiple serial numbers (7 digits), you may apply as many times as you like.
* Please note that if the Dragalia Lost Player ID is incorrect, your application will be invalid and no items will be given. Please note that we will not answer your inquiry about your Player ID.
* If the serial number (7 digits) is incomplete, the application will be invalid.
* We will provide the event organizer with the personal information we receive from you for sending item gifts.

■ Notes on ticket application
* The application is NOT on a first-come-first-served basis. Reference numbers and seat positions will be decided by lottery. Please note that tickets are not guaranteed.
-Winning / losing / reference numbers and seat positions will be decided by carefully executed lottery for all those who apply within the application period, so the time of application is not relevant.
Please apply within the application period to avoid congestion during times like such as immediately after the start of the application or immediately before the end of the application.
* Please apply for tickets through authorized sellers. (Organizers or authorized ticket agency or fan club).
We do not guarantee the validity of tickets obtained through unauthorized routes.
* Resale or transfer the ticket are prohibited. We will not be responsible for any troubles arising from resale or transfer.

About the app content: Nintendo Smart Device Customer Support
We ask you to contact us from the Dragalia Lost app by following the below procedure:
1. Tap More at the bottom right of the main menu.
2. Tap Help/Support.
3. Tap Contact Support.

Please contact the following for any inquires regarding "DAOKO x Dragalia Lost" In-game item gift:

Regarding "DAOKO x Dragalia Lost" CD Dragalia Lost In-game item Gift for all applicants,
we strongly prohibit transferring or sharing serial number enclosed in the CD,
or Dragalia Lost Player ID to any third party.

Sharing or posting on any social media accounts are strongly prohibited.

We will not be responsible for any troubles arising from resale or transfer between users.

Serial numbers will be invalid if we confirm any prohibited acts stated above.
Please note that using any invalid serial codes will make your application invalid and no items will be given.

Serial numbers will not be reissued under any circumstances.

Additional notes
Regarding buyers who purchased CD "DAOKO x Dragalia Lost" will get an enclosed bonus
to apply for the“Dragalia Lost”in-game item gift, it is prohibited to transfer or lend the serial
number or player ID to a third party no matter whether it is paid or free.
Sharing or sending such information via SNS is also strictly prohibited.
We will not take any responsibility for resulting disputes.
Once the above violation is confirmed, the serial code may be considered invalid, and the
result of applying using the serial code will be deemed invalid as well.
The serial code cannot be reissued for any reason.