BLACK OPERA  - 鈍色の壁 / ニブイロノカベ - OPENING PARTY2のチケット情報(東京都)

東京都の東京ドイツ文化センターで行われるBLACK OPERA  - 鈍色の壁 / ニブイロノカベ - OPENING PARTY2のチケット情報ページです。日程、会場情報や料金を確認し、BLACK OPERA  - 鈍色の壁 / ニブイロノカベ - OPENING PARTY2のチケットを簡単にオンライン予約・購入できます。

BLACK OPERA  - 鈍色の壁 / ニブイロノカベ -

BLACK OPERA - 鈍色の壁 / ニブイロノカベ OPENING PARTY2- MAZEUM meets Unsound-

On the second day, we present an evening of live concerts in collaboration with MAZEUM, a music festival held in Kyoto last year showcasing most cutting-edge music from Japan, and Unsound, a festival held in Krakow, Poland known for their most advanced programs in Europe. As their first attempt of artist exchange, Goat and YPY played this year’s Unsound, and BNNT, an art group from Warsaw will perform on this occasion as an exchange. Kyoto-based Kukangendai who has participated in both MAZEUM and Unsound will join the lineup, as well as Manami Kakudo and the first-ever joint performance of Tomoki Yamakawa and Dairo Suga.

BNNT(from Poland)
空間現代 [Kukangendai]
山川冬樹 × スガダイロー [Fuyuki Yamakawa × Dairo Suga]
角銅真実 [Manami Kakudou]

DJ: MOODMAN, 7e, suimin
FOOD: 壬生 モクレン (Kyoto)



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