Terms & Conditions for Participation in “Go To Event”

Term Meaning
Applicant Person who applies (or intends to apply) for the Subsidy.
Purchaser Person who purchases any Registered Ticket from a Ticket Vendor.
Ticket Vendor Person who is entrusted to sell tickets, including admission tickets that can be available for events, etc., or vouchers that can be exchanged for admission tickets, etc., or who provides ticket sales services using a system to enable such sales via the Internet and is approved by the Secretariat, or who sells tickets for events, etc., organized by itself.
Event Organizer Organizer, promoter, operator, etc., of an event.
Subsidy “Go To Event” Business Subsidy
Registered Ticket Any ticket registered for the “Go To Event” Business
“Go To” Discount System that allows any Registered Ticket to be purchased by paying the amount left after deducting the Ticket Discount Amount from its price. Payment of the Ticket Discount Amount will be deferred and settled with the Subsidy.
Ticket Discount Amount Amount equivalent to 20%, in principle, of a ticket price for which payment will be deferred by the “Go To” Discount when Registered Ticket is purchased, and the Amount shall not exceed 2,000 yen per ticket (any fraction of less than one yen included therein shall be discarded). This portion will be settled with the Subsidy and the Applicant will not be required to pay the same.
Secretariat “Go To Event” Secretariat
Personal Information “Personal Information” provided for under Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No.57 of 2003; the same applies hereinafter.)
Personal Data “Personal Data” provided for under Article 2, Paragraph 6 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information
Official Website Official Website for the “Go To Event” Business:URL: https://gotoevent.go.jp/

Article 1 (Application for the Subsidy)

Application for the Subsidy by an Applicant shall be made through a Ticket Vendor when any Registered Ticket is purchased. The amount of Subsidy to be applied for shall be equivalent to 20% of the price of the Registered Ticket, and the Amount shall not exceed the upper limit of 2,000 yen. Any fraction of less than one yen in the amount of Subsidy shall be discarded.

Article 2 (Proxy Receipt of the Subsidy)

The Applicant shall authorize the Ticket Vendor to apply for and receive the Subsidy together with the application set out in the preceding Article. The Ticket Vendor may reauthorize the Secretariat to do the same, and the Ticket Vendor shall be authorized to permit further reauthorization through multiple tiers, including further reauthorization by the Secretariat to a third party.

Article 3 (“Go To” Discount)

The Applicant may receive a “Go To” Discount when purchasing any Registered Ticket.

Article 4 (Manifestation of Applicant’s Intention)

  • When the Applicant receives a “Go To” Discount when purchasing any Registered Ticket, he/she shall agree that, without a separate manifestation of intention, the Ticket Vendor will offset the Applicant’s liability to the Ticket Vendor for the Ticket Discount Amount by the equivalent amount of the Subsidy received by the Ticket Vendor by proxy which is payable to the Applicant.
  • The Ticket Vendor and the Event Organizer will in no event demand the Ticket Discount Amount, etc., from the Applicant; provided that, the Ticket Vendor shall not be barred from exercising its right to seek damages from the Applicant if the Subsidy is not provided on the grounds of any wrongful act of the Applicant.

Article 5 (Revocation of Authorization)

The Applicant may not revoke his/her authorization and manifestation of intention hereunder unless there are unavoidable reasons.

Article 6 (Representative Purchase)

  • A Purchaser may purchase up to five (5) tickets per purchase. In this case, the Purchaser shall make such manifestation of intention as provided for hereunder on behalf of all the Applicants (i.e., if the Purchaser acts as an Applicant, he/she shall make a manifestation of his/her own intention as well as that of intention of all the other Applicants on their behalf).
  • In cases where a Purchaser purchases more than one ticket, the Purchaser shall provide the Ticket Vendor or Event Organizer with the name and contact information (telephone number, e-mail address, etc.; the same applies hereinafter) of all the Applicants upon request by the Ticket Vendor or Event Organizer.
  • Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding paragraph, in cases where a Purchaser purchases more than one ticket, if the Ticket Vendor or Event Organizer informs the Purchaser of any cancellation or postponement, etc., of the event relating to the purchased Registered Tickets, the Purchaser shall inform all the Applicants of the content of such notification.

Article 7 (Purpose of Use of Personal Information)

The Ticket Vendor will use the Applicant’s Personal Information obtained in relation to the “Go To Event” Business for the following purposes:
(1) For application for and receipt of the Subsidy;
(2) For recording, tallying, analysis, etc., of the status of application for and receipt of the Subsidy;
(3) To respond to any inquiries about the Subsidy from Applicants, etc.;
(4) For investigation, pursuing liability, etc., in case of any actual or threatened wrongful act committed relating to the Subsidy;
(5) For the improvement of services relating to the “Go To Event” Business;
(6) For the maintenance and improvement of public health (including, but not limited to, taking necessary measures to check for secondary-infected persons, etc., in cases where the Applicant or any performer, participant or other person related to the event for which the Applicant purchased a Registered Ticket is found to be or may be COVID-19 positive);
(7) To acquire information on the demand-stimulating effects and contribute to the investigation, etc., of the status of progress of ticket sales;
(8) For any other purpose incidental to the preceding items; and
(9) Provision to a third person to the extent necessary for the achievement of any purpose stipulated in the preceding items.

Article 8 (Provision of Personal Data to a Third Party)

  • The Ticket Vendor may provide the Applicant’s Personal Data to the national government, the Secretariat, the Event Organizer of the event for which the Applicant purchased a Registered Ticket or to any other third party only to the extent necessary for any purpose of use stipulated under each item of the preceding Article or to the extent otherwise necessary to implement the “Go To Event” Business (including responses to any actual or threatened wrongful act committed in relation to the “Go To” Event Business). The Applicant shall give consent to the provision of such Personal Data.
  • In cases where a Purchaser provides the Ticket Vendor with Personal Information of the Applicants other than the Purchaser according to Article 6, the Purchaser shall obtain such consent as under the preceding paragraph from all such Applicants in advance.

Article 9 (Measures to Prevent COVID-19 Infections)

  • When participating in the event associated with the Registered Ticket, the Applicant shall comply with the following provisions:
    (1) Prior to the participation in the event:
    a) Register or submit the contact information to the Ticket Vendor when purchasing the Registered Ticket;
    b) Make active use of the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA);
    c) Make active use of COVID-19 notification services provided by the relevant region or the operator of the facility where the event will be held; and
    d) To avoid congestion of people enroute to the event site, refrain from using transportation facilities, restaurants, etc., during hours of congestion.
    (2) During the participation in the event:
    a) Check health by measuring body temperature, etc., and refrain from participating in the event if the Applicant has a fever or cold symptoms;
    b) Wash hands and disinfect hands and fingers frequently;
    c) Make sure to wear a mask at all times. If it is difficult to wear a mask due to physical condition, etc., follow the instructions of the Event Organizer and act accordingly, such as maintaining social distance throughout the event.
    d) Do not speak loudly while participating in the event. Do not use any noisemaker such as a trumpet, etc.
    (3) After the participation in the event:
    In the unlikely event that the Applicant is confirmed as being infected after the participation in the event, promptly inform a public health center and the Event Organizer.
  • In case the Applicant fails to comply with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, his/her application for the Subsidy may be rejected or the Applicant may be requested by the national government or the Secretariat to refund the amount equivalent to the Subsidy.

Article 10 (“Go To” Event Business Subsidy Payment Regulations)

In addition to these Terms & Conditions, the Subsidy shall be in accordance with the “Demand-Stimulating Campaign Business (“Go To” Event Business) Subsidy Payment Regulations” stipulated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Article 11 (Revision of the Terms & Conditions)

These Terms & Conditions are subject to revision as necessary. In such a case, the content of the revised Terms & Conditions and the effective date of such revision will be made public by posting them on the Official Website. The revised Terms & Conditions shall come into effect as from the effective date.