Fuerza Bruta Panasonic presents WA ! 2017.8.1tue - 9.30sat StellarBall - Shinagawa TOKYO

 Fuerza Bruta Panasonic presents WA !Fuerza Bruta Panasonic presents WA !

Beyond the Limit To the real FANTASY world− 70min of MIRACLES

Reality takes a back seat to dreams as the cast of more than 20 runs full-throttle through moving walls, battles harsh winds and frolics in a watery world while suspended just inches above the audience.

This high-energy 360-degree interactive show takes place all around you and even invites you to get involved through dancing and movement.

Ultimate Experience

Fuerza bruta (Spanish for 'brutal force') is an astonishing spectacle that will remind you of the thrilling possibilities of performance.

Visualize women elevated in a watery space just inches above your head, and a well-dressed man running on a hovering treadmill while blasts of wind threaten to trip him up.
Imagine performers who dance on the walls and flying against gravity, surreal scenes deployed in front of you with full use of images and futuristic mobile stage.

No Rules Enjoy as you FEEL

Get blown away by aerial and special effects and heart-pumping music. During this 360-degree experience, you'll be thrilled by captivating visual and auditory effects.

This is one theatrical experience unlike any you've ever had before.

Standing 1F ¥7,600